Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have noticed over the years that people seem to overreact to weather, especially while driving. If it starts sprinkling, then people automatically slow down a ton. This then causes tons of traffic and always pisses me off. True there are some reasons for this, some would say hydroplaning and the like, but it seems like this is not always a possibility. Also, people state that it is hard to see, when there is a tiny bit of rain. I mean, the visibility isn't 3 miles, but it is still quite good. There are exceptions to these little rants, obviously, but i'm just stating annoyances in my life as of now.
Currently, I am going to school in St. Louis, so I keep getting hit by all of these damn storms. Today, as I was leaving work, this woman ran out of another building yelling at me and my friend. She was yelling to get inside fast, and she seemed to be close to insanity. We looked at her and stopped, then we just continued on our way. There has been a tornado warning since the middle of the day, so I can see why she would tell us to go inside. The storm was around 10 miles away still, and we would obviously drive home. The rain hadn't started yet, and there was no wind. To me it seems that people overreact to tornado warnings, or most people do anyway. True there are many many deaths that happen each year due to insane weather, but people expect a tornado to occur, if one does 30 miles away (Also, I have been in a situation where a tornado jumped over my head and killed around 6 people a little ways away).
I guess I have one of those stereotypical college kid's points of view, as in "This wouldn't happen to me." Normally, I am not like this, such as with things that occur on a regular basis. What are your guys' thoughts on all of this? Do you get pissed off really easily when people start to slow down for no visible reason? Or are you one of those who are the opposite of me?

Monday, May 23, 2011


Today, I started my first day of work at my school. I got this job as a student worker for the summer, a maintenance job that is. I was expecting to have to do certain jobs pertaining to replacing appliances or fixing them and the like, but I was completely wrong. I'm glad I was wrong, because now all I have to do is paint pretty much. I just have to paint dorm rooms over and over, so it is not a bad job at all. Getting paid at more than $10 an hour is the real nice part.
As the first day came, I didn't know what to expect. I arrived there with my friend, and all the workers gathered in a conference room to figure out what the hell we were going to be doing. We were then broken up into different groups to work under different "sub-bosses". Our group went to these apartment style dorm rooms, and we were then told we would be mainly painting. We went around the dorms moving the furniture to the center of the rooms, so we would not get paint on it. After this we were shown how to paint, as you are shown how to do certain things at the beginning of every job.
At the end of all the talk of what we were going to do and how to do it, our crew leader stated how he did not have enough of the required items/tools for us to paint today. So he then proceeded to tell us to lounge around and not be caught. We stayed in an empty room for around an hour just sitting there. Eventually we switched rooms and buildings, but we did the exact same thing. I passed the time by having alot of smoke breaks, but it was extremely boring. Eventually 3:30 came around, and we finally were able to leave.
It was one of the most boring days of work I had had, because we had no music or anything to do, while sitting around.At the end of the day, I got paid for around 6 hours of work, while not doing any work. Pretty awesome day in my book. Now to sit back and watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Polar Pops and the Equivalent

So while at college I have been right near a gas station, a Circle K to be exact. I personally love gas stations, because of their overall convenience. At Circle K you can get a Polar Pop, any size, for 69 cents before tax. This is a 44 Oz soda for 69 cents! This is an amazing thing for them to sell, because it is also extremely cheap for them to make. All they need is the syrup and the carbonated water. I am addicted to these sodas, pretty much. I don't have the caffeine addiction really, but just the deliciousness of these drinks drives me to want more. Every day I would get around two of these babies at school, and now I have to walk roughly a mile to get one, but I still do it! It is a Polar Pop man. You can't pass that deal up. Also the walk gets me to walk a bit, such as with at school, since you walk everywhere.

I have had soda since I could remember. My dad having a huge ass 64 Oz soda from the local gas station, and I would go up and take sips or drinks. Some would, or most, say this is unhealthy and going to kill me or make me fat, but if one has a healthy life style besides around 100 Oz of soda a day, then I think you will be fine. Though it is unhealthy to drink that much of soda. If only soda was healthy, and it still tasted so good. Unfortunately we live where all the tasty things are terrible for you.

P.S. The movie Zombie Strippers is amusing, and it is such a terrible movie so far.
P.S.S. I finished Zombie Strippers earlier today, and yeah it was just bad. Hot girls and just a random plot. It was entertaining though, so i'm glad I watched it....maybe.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Been Awhile...Blenders

So it has been a while since I have written in this blog. I was wanting to find a new hobby, and for some reason this did not stick. Since I do not have school to drag me down anymore, I now have more free time to write random shit. Now I will being where I have left off, my musings about every day life.

Blenders are an extremely useful item to have in a home. I mean, seriously. These things are great. You can make shakes out of pretty much anything. If you have ice cream laying around with milk? Bam, you have a perfect shake. My brother would always make these 1000+ calories shakes by adding chocolate ice cream, milk, yogurt, fresh fruit, and protein powder. These would be made after a work out, and damn they were amazing. They were a meal in istelf, and it was not TOO unhealthy. It is extremely filling and really easy to make. It is pretty much a meal that is delicious, especially on a hot summer day.

Another fantastic thing my brother has done with a blender was making a great alcoholic smoothie type mix. We took a good bit of really cheap vodka and put it into the blender and added some frozen pink lemonade concentrate. Mix this concoction up and you have got an amazing tasting drink.The worst vodka can be used to make a great drink that gets you really really drunk.

These are just two examples of the amazingness of blenders. Do you guys have any good recipes for just delicious drinks and or shakes?