Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Beauties of Hemp

Hemp is an amazing plant. It is pretty much illegal to grow and cultivate, here in the United States, because of its close relation to Marijuana. I actually wrote a paper on this for my English class. There are SO many benefits to the cultivation and use of the hemp plant. Hemp can be used for over a thousand different uses. For instances, clothing (which is the main usage of hemp nowadays, it seems) can easily be made of hemp. These types of clothing allow heat to stay with in the clothing, and under it, during cooler temperatures, and it allows cooler air in when it is warmer weather (I will be honest I don't know how exactly this works, but it is just the plant doing this and allowing different temperatures in and out, i'm guessing). Also, hemp seeds have a ton of amino acids in them, that are beneficial to our health. It might not taste that good, I doubt it would though I have never tried it, but it would be EXTREMELY healthy. Hemp paper is also another thing, it would help save trees around the world, for those that love trees this is a good thing. Hemp can grow really easily in most climates, especially the Midwest. It also is good for the health of the soil.
Alright, most people will automatically label me as a "hippy" due to this post on hemp, but in reality it is amazing for environment, costs of production, and humanity in general! It is pretty damn cheap to produce and cultivate. True, we would have to alter all our factories in how they produce goods, so that would be a ton of additional costs to add onto the switching to hemp. That is pretty much the only negative, in my mind, of switching to hemp production of clothing and paper, especially.
Furthermore, hemp is classified as having less than 1% THC, the drug that makes you high from marijuana (for those who don't know this), while marijuana is classified as having 3% or more THC. What is the plant called that has 2% THC? I haven't found this, but I bet it would probably fall into marijuana.

Anyway, hemp is awesome pretty much. There are so many benefits to it, so in my mind we should all lobby for it. Though for hemp to be legal, most likely marijuana has to be legalized. Otherwise, people for the legalization of pot could easily cry "They are pretty much the same plant herp derp!". Hopefully this will occur sometime soon, so then trees can be saved, and we can all enjoy nice forests to go chill at (until they are cut down for more space for housing).

What are your opinions on hemp?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Starting the Day Right

I always start my day with walking to classes with a cigarette. It is the best breakfast, pretty much. True it is not healthy, at all, but it makes the day so much better. I just had coffee and a cigarette, which is another favorite of mine, and seems to be a favorite among most smokers. That is the true breakfast of champions, in my opinion. It really gets the nice stimulants going for the day, for most people. Unfortunately, for me, caffeine doesn't really have an affect, but nicotine sure does! 
It just seems to make classes, and the day in general, to go much faster, and who really wants classes to take longer? Also, a great time for a cigarette has to be right after a meal. That is one of the best as well. There are so many situations when cigarettes are amazing. Nicotine is just an awesome drug, ha. If only there was a way to get a nicotine buzz, and the oral fixation of smoking, with out the dangers of smoking, then that would be absolutely perfect. Some will suggest a vaporizer, but that is not nearly as good as a good cigarette. 
What are some of your favorite times to smoke and what do you smoke?

P.S. I smoke Camels, usually 99's. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Memento is an awesome movie. I have seen it multiple times, and it has continued to be an amazing movie. The whole entire plot seems to keep you guessing, which is the point of the movie. One always wishes to know what actually has happened or is going to happen to this man with this "disorder", as he says. There are some great characters in the movie, though most are just selfish and cruel individuals. Memento is labeled as one of the "mind-fuck" movies, and it goes extremely well with this label.
These types of movies are some of my favorites. They are always great and always keeps me on my toes through out the movie. I always enjoy movies with some type of amazing twist at the end of it, because these "twists" usually allow me to think more about myself and life, in general.
Anyone have any good suggestions of less popular end-twist movies?